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Company Values and Customer Focus

We at The London stove Company pride ourselves on being reliable, trustworthy, and professional. Prioritising customer satisfaction, taking great care in supplying and fitting stoves. We highlight our outstanding workmanship, attention to detail, and the importance of glowing references.

Expert Solutions for Chimneyless Spaces

In situations without a conventional chimney, we offer either a twinwall stainless steel insulated flue system or matt black system. Our system are highly versatile, able to navigate internally through ceilings, floors, attics, or vertically through walls to resolve chimney absence issues.

Benefits of Chimney Lining

Chimney lining refers to the installation of a protective layer inside a chimney to enhance safety and efficiency. The primary purpose of chimney lining is to contain and direct the byproducts of combustion (such as smoke, gases, and creosote) safely out of the home and into the atmosphere. There are various types of chimney liners, and the choice often depends on the type of fuel being burned (wood, gas, oil, etc.) and the specific requirements of the chimney.

Environmental Friendliness of Wood Stoves

Wood, as a renewable fuel, is considered carbon neutral. We emphasizes that burning wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide that it absorbed whilst growing. Wood stoves provide direct heat to homes, reducing reliance on gas central heating systems.

Jamie Bennett

Very impressed with the service that Ross provides. Would recommend the London Stove Company to anyone thinking of having a stove installed.

Anthea Woodus

Excellent service. No hassle, best quotes, v helpful and brilliant result at the end. 2 fires put in on separate occasions.

Jessica Beaghen

I thoroughly recommend these people, for all manner of reasons: Really helpful regarding choice of burner, and sourcing it for me. Fabulous communication, time keeping and efficiency. Got the job done with minimal disruption to me, and Very reasonably priced. Oh, and the after sales service has been great! All round - top company

Matt Richardson

We are really happy with our stove that Ross and the team installed for us. Fantastic communication throughout the process and a really professional job. I highly recommend them!

Jessica Palmer

Ross and his team were absolutely brilliant. 10/10 service and so happy with our beautiful new stove. It looks amazing . Would highly recommend London Stove Company.

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